Zarduino™ Utility shield

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The ZarduinoUtility shield is targeted for our roZetta™ application using the Zarduino-40™ system board but can be used with other system boards.

Sockets for pre-programmed PIC12F1840 and PIC16F1825 chips running independently and communicating with the system processor via I2C and an I2C EEPROM. Pre-installed 32KB I2C F-RAM, a battery-backed I2C RTC and a microSD card connector. The roZetta™ firmware is preloaded but can be reprogrammed by the user if desired.

Supports 8 channels of DIO for IR/RF TX/RX (using external modules) accessed via four 3.5mm stereo jacks, 12 channels of DIO/ADC/DAC accessed via a 2x8x0.100 header, up to 64KB of I2C EEPROM, 32KB I2C F-RAM, a battery-backed I2C RTC and a microSD card. The microSD card provides for onboard logging of all system events.

The Utility shield supports 3V3 or 5V systems with user installed jumpers required to select the system voltage.

Assembly Diagram

¹PIC12F1840 and PIC16F1825 can be configured with the UART on pins 2 & 3, leaving the hardware I2C pins free. The ds30 bootloader can be configured to support this.

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